To be an artist is to see beauty and glory in all things.
Flowers like a dancing flame and birds like pieces of jewellery. Colourful seasons rushing like carousel horses and lonely mysterious streetlights froze in silence.

All Mary’s works are dynamic and expressive, conveying joy and love of live, because being an artist is not just an occupation, it is a way of life, a way of thinking and reflecting reality. She works everywhere – painting in her London studio and garden, sketching on the tube, park, street corner, from hotel window, capturing both reality and dreams. This is how come to life mysterious night sceneries, and bursting with colour and sunlight natural compositions. All pieces big and small call out to celebrate life regardless of daily routine, and to look again at ordinary things, reassess them and to see them as if for the first time, like a child sees, with freshness and enthusiasm. Mary started painting at about two years old, as soon as she was capable of holding a brush, so this is how third generation of artists in the family come to be. And she has never stopped since. The vivid atmosphere of her home, where all the members of her family and friends are constantly engaged in creative work prompted the artist’s development. Then ten years of art school followed, University of Art and Industrial Design, numerous art shows, competitions, co- and solo exhibitions. Now her paintings are to be found in private collections in United Kingdom, United States, Russia, France, Malta, Switzerland, and Spain. Mary can easily manage different technics and tasks, from miniatures to murals; from touching illustrations to dramatic drawings with oil pastel on black canvases. Each task demands an individual technical approach, yet all her works are united by sincerity of perception and joy, generously shared with people.